Top 5 Budget Planner Apps for Your iPhone

Top 5 Budget Planner Apps for Your iPhone

With so many interest calculations, inflation rate, mortgage payments, and investments to take into account, planning a budget becomes a real brain teaser. Although this might still be an ongoing struggle for many people, at least iPhone users can now take a sigh of relief as iPhone now features some great applications that help you plan your budget easily. Given below are 5 budget planning apps that are now enjoyed by iPhone users:

1.     Money For iPhone

This budgeting app for iPhone is considered one of the best apps there in the market for your iPhone. It is feature-rich and comes with an extremely user-friendly interface for your convenience. This app holds its specialty in the fact that it is able to set different budgets for different categories. You can have different sets of budgets for your daily expenses, travelling expenses, household expenses and many more. What more, you can even track your budgets through the budget monitor. This is especially recommended for the control freak in you who wants to monitor every aspect of the budget and break it down to the finest details.

2.     iXpenselt

This extremely helpful budget-monitoring app does a lot more than just monitoring your budget and as a result is extremely popular among iPhone users. You can have a graphical view of your monthly budgets and expenses and compare your performance. You can also use this app for things like checking your account balance, transferring money between accounts and many more. A nifty feature of this app allows you to set up reminders for upcoming bill payment dates. Say goodbye to delinquent payments!

3. Personal Finance

Talk about a simple and effective app for monitoring your budget and Personal Finance crops up in most iPhone user’s mind. The fact that this app shows all your estimated expenses and real expenses in one place makes it such an effective tool for monitoring your budget adherence performance. A feature of this app actually suggests a budget for you depending upon your income and spending habits. No more difficult job of preparing a budget! And the best part about this app is the fact that it is free!

4.     Balance

 Yet another free and extremely effective budget monitoring app for your iPhone is Balance. This app is best suited for monitoring the balance on your numerous credit and debit accounts allowing you to avoid the overdraft penalty in the future. What can be a better way of adhering to your budget than knowing how much you are allowed to spend?

5.     Pageonce

This app is more of a utility bill paying tool than a budget planner. By using this app on your iPhone you can not only receive and monitor the bills (check the due dates, the payable amounts, etc.) but also pay them. No more standing in queues or hunting for a computer. Pay your bills while fiddling with your favorite gadget. It doesn’t get simpler than this. This app comes free of cost for you!

Adherence to a detailed budget and timely payment of bills must be your two golden rules to avoid financial bankruptcy during these difficult economic times.

Brenda Lyttle is a finance expert and a contributor for the site,, where you can access your free credit reports and scores.

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