About Us


We offer strategic consultation, including marketing plans, sales strategies and new business introductions. In the end, we help you to drive through the obstacles that keep you from achieving your marketing and sales goals.


We connect businesses for mutual growth, benefit and increased sales, while saving our client’s valuable time and cost.

Who we are

TeamKuhner is an organization of some of the best talent in the marketing and communications business. We deliver and implement a plan, which is customized to meet your needs, timely and cost effective. We start by talking confidentially to you and your staff about the customer, the business climate, the competition, your goals, your culture and who makes the decisions.

Then we talk with your customers, prospects and even investors to discover their feelings, their desire for more service or a better price and who they believe is YOUR competition. In short, we take away the “pain” of market planning. And we can do the same for branding, site surveys, social media, copy, design and training and provide the staff to do it.

How we work

If your marketing program is not doing what you thought it would, maybe you should look at TeamKuhner.

Each of our solutions-providers is put through a rigorous interview to determine the scope of their business, capabilities, size and core competencies. Only after meeting certain criteria are they extended an invitation to join TeamKuhner.

And our solutions-providers can take-on anything from building sales, to collaborative training to publishing an annual report.


Call for a free consultation by contacting us at 440.759.0281 or email me.

We look forward to helping you grow your business.

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