“I first met David through some chance networking contacts. I have come to appreciate the serendipity of that because David has proven himself time and time again to possess some of the soundest Marketing and Professional strategic advice available.”

Michael Fay, I hired David as a Business Consultant multiple times.


“I’ve worked with Dave on several occasions, and was always impressed with his ability to analyze a market, and then devise a detailed plan for getting the product out to that market. I was also impressed with Dave’s integrity and honesty.

Joe Nieberding, President, Aerospace Engineering Associates.


“Dave is able to effectively review an operation, isolate the problem and develop a strategic plan to not only fix it, but greatly improve it”

Crystal Thies, Owner and Virtual Buzz Manager, Crystal Clear Buzz.


“David is a highly dedicated, accomplished business professional. He gives 110% while maintaining a positive, friendly attitude. It is a pleasure to work with him.”

Marcia Jones, Manager, Career Services, Lorain County Community College managed David indirectly at The Workforce Development of Lorain County.


“Dave has been an active leader and one of the founders of the Avon Lake West Side Networking Group. He has provided professionals in transition with a venue for constructive consultation, “best practices”, and business connections that help them toward their career goals. I have been impressed with Dave’s hard work, diligence, and compassion for everyone in this transitional arena!”

Sharon Durk, Sr. Marketing Manager, Synapse Biomedical.


“I worked with David on several marketing campaigns, all of which produced results 3 to 4 times the standard response rate from customers. David has an excellent understanding of how to develop an integrated marketing program that utilizes several vehicles to communicate messages to the target audience. I highly recommend David to any company looking to reach new customers and broaden their brand.”

Sean McMurray, Corporate Marketing Manager, Pioneer-Standard Electronics, Inc.


“I had the privilege of working as an advertising agency account executive with David during his tenure as Marketing Communications Manager at Automated Packaging Systems, Inc. His organization, thoroughness in preparation, enthusiasm and friendly personality not only made him an effective manager, but also an absolute pleasure to work with! I would highly recommend David as a partner in any endeavor.”

John Cross, Executive VP, LoneStar Associates.


“The work that he and his department created for the Division was excellent. Dave and his team were able to create programs that led the industry and brought Pioneer Standard to the forefront of our competitors. Dave and his department always exceeded my expectations and I was fortunate to have him as part of our team.”

Tom Pitera, President – Industrial Electronics, Pioneer Standard Electronics managed David indirectly at Pioneer-Standard Electronics, Inc. (Agilysis)


“Dave is results-oriented marketing professional. He was instrumental in driving multiple broad market Intel campaigns (and others) and was the catalyst for demanding accountability and results for our investments. I recommend him highly.”

Peter Walker, Director of Lighting, WPG Americas.


“Dave is one of the most client focused professionals I have ever met. His commitment is to deliver results beyond the client’s expectations and he consistently achieves that outcome.”

Gary Summy, Director Sales Development, Pioneer Standard Electronics.


“I have found David to be a conscientious, detail-oriented, and responsible advocate of the client, and I believe he has exemplary skills in the area of account management, with an intuitive grasp of opportunities as they present themselves through diverse media and special events. Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.”

John Amantea, hired David as a Business Consultant in 2008.


“Dave is a highly effective individual that has and is currently helping our company on several levels.”

Dan Portik, President and CEO of The Jamestown Group.

David is a hard working, service oriented, team player who led us through the development of our corporate brand, published our first capabilities brochures, led the revision of our corporate Website, and increased our market exposure through the effective use of PR/Media Relations.

Jeff Comer, CTO, OEConnection.

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